Kwale parish YCA, Cineforum, 17/11/19

Kilifi parish YCA, Cineforum, 16/11/19

Ukunda parish Lay Faithful, Mixed Marriages, 09/11/19

West Deanery YCA, IRD Training, 03/11/19

Kilifi parish YCA, Mosque visit, 26/10/19

Mtopanga parish YCA, Cineforum, 12/10/19

Ukunda parish Lay Faithful, Mosque Visit, 12/10/19

West Deanery YCA, IRD Training, 10/10/19

Mtopanga parish YCA, Mosque Visit, 29/09/19

Colone University Students, IRD Visit

Kwale parish YCA, Mosque Visit, 22/09/19

Mtopanga parish YCA, ISLAM Workshop, 15/09/19

YCA Council, IRD Training, 08/09/19

Voi Church Forum Symposium, 05/09/19

Caritas Ambrosiana-Cantieri della solidarieta’ 2019,IRD Visit, 7/8/19

Kilifi Parish YCA, ISLAM Workshop, 03/08/19

Safety and Security risk management workshop, 10-11th July ’19, Pastoral Center

Kilifi Parish YCA training (15/06/19)

Interfaith Dialogue Forum, Nairobi (15/06/19)

Religions and Environmental Care at Kwale Catholich Parish (09/06/19)

ISLAM Workshop II with Sheikh Hamisi at Ukunda Parish (01/06/19)

Iftar Dinner at Light International School (31/05/19)

Mtopanga parish YCA IRD training (26/05/19)

Kilifi parish YCA IRD training (25/05/19)

Kwale Parish YCA ISLAM Workshop (19/05/19)

ISLAM Workshop Ukunda (04/05/19)

Y.C.A. Council

Ukunda Lay Leaders

Italian Volunteers and Civil Service (August 2018)

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