Board Members

Archbishop Martin Kivuva

Vicar General Fr. Willybard Lagho

Annica Clara Baum

Personal background: Master in Peace & Conflict studies, Bachelor in Religious studies/Sociology and Islamic Theology as an exchange student in Turkey.

Experiences with IRD and Ecumenism: Working for Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust (CICC) and for the Interreligious Dialogue Commission of Mombasa

Fr. Harrison Tabu Yaa

Personal background: Catholic priest ordained in 1999. Philosophy and Theology at Christ the King Major Seminary in Nyeri; Masters program in Pastoral Ministry in Tangaza University and Duesguene. Summer course on IRD and Ecumenism at Franciscan Friars of the Atorement in Rome.

Experiences with IRD and Ecumenism: Worked at parish and dennery levels in planning, organizing and coordinating IRD and Ecumenical events in the Archdiocese.

Fr. Nicky Hennity

Personal background: M.A. in Justice and Peace studies; M.A. in Theology. Irish priest.

Experiences with IRD and Ecumenism: Worked on Ecumenism in Kenya and Ruanda.

Samuel Minyaho Odida

Personal background:

Experiences with IRD and Ecumenism:

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