Chrism Mass Unites Christ’s Faithful.

By: Jonah Fadhil

Archbishop Kivuva during the Chrism Mass held at the Holy Ghost Cathedral in mombasa.

On Wednesday morning, Ahead of Easter Sunday celebration, Hundreds of Catholic priests from Mombasa Archdiocese celebrated the annual Chrism Mass at the Holy Ghost Cathedral in Mombasa.

Also in attendance were hundreds of Christ’s faithful including parishioners, religious sisters, deacons and seminarians.

Archdiocesan Priest’s during the Chrism Mass.

The Archbishop of Mombasa and Chair of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Most. Rev Martin Kivuva led priests who serve in the Archdiocese of Mombasa in renewing their ordination vows and their commitment to serve God’s people during the solemn celebration of the Chrism Mass.

The Archbishop blessed the sacramental oils including The oil of the sick, The oil of Catechumens and the Sacred Chrism, that will be used for sacramental purposes at parishes and the diocese throughout the year and to celebrate, pray for and honor the priests who serve them.

In his homily, the Archbishop reminded them that the priesthood of Jesus Christ is a priesthood for all and therefore they should consider priesthood as a special gift.

He further reiterated that Priests are called constantly to improve and to grow in communion, in holiness, in wisdom in order to carry out God’s mission.

On Thursday, Archbishop Kivuva will lead the Holy Sacrament Mass a symbolic of the last supper before Jesus was crucified on Friday (Good Friday) and there after the Catholic faithful will on Saturday night celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The celebration goes on until Easter Monday.

The Mass was also live streamed so others who could not travel to the cathedral could see these ancient rituals that still have such significance to the Catholic faith.

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