Religious Leaders joins netizens to mark the 9th Governors Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Religious Leaders within the Coastal region on Saturday 18th December joined the Mombasa County residents to Commemorate the 2021 Governors tree lighting ceremony held at Treasury square in Mombasa County.

Religious leaders and political leaders posing for a photo.
Mombasa Archbishop Martin Kivuva and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

In his special message to Kenyans during the celebration, he took note of the challenges endured by the country as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, urging members of the public to be strong and united in these tough times.

He further urged Kenyans to care for one another in this festive season.

However this is not the time to look back, this is not the time to nurse the grudges of the past but this is the time to forgive, and to look forward to the renewal that God promises in the birth of this child.

Furthermore, renewal will not happen unless we resolve to build up our brothers and sisters, So instead of recrimination, people need to join hands in common work to us feed the hungry, house the homeless and above all spread the message of peace.

On the other hand Archbishop Martin Kivuva urged the citizens to extend love and support by helping those in need.

Archbishop Kivuva addressing the Mombasa residents during the 9th Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

“Let us continue caring and loving our families, our friends and neighbours and also carry on with the work of Nation-building in our various pursuits.” He said.

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