Youths urged to uphold religious virtues.

By: Fadhili Mwambingu- IRD Commission – Communication officer.

During the Inter-Faith Prayer forum at the Technical University of Mombasa.Photo by, Fadhil Mwambingu

On Friday 2/07/2021, IRD Commission joined Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) interfaith Prayer forum organised by student leaders of different religions and creeds found in TUM.

The theme of the day was “Upholding good morals among university students” and Rev. Fr. Richard Ooko Airo was the guest speaker for the event.

The event was attended by youth from different Christian denominations, Muslims and TUM student leaders.

The forum aimed at promoting religious harmony and unity in diversity among the student fraternity, and further to encourage students to embrace good religious morals.

In addition, the forum was also a platform for engaging students to create awareness and address issues affecting the social and mental health of students at the university.

The Inter-Faith Council has however developed a manual for ethics teachings using an interfaith approach to communicate to the youths.

From right Head of Inter-Religious Dialogue Rev. Fr Richard Ooko, IRD Projects Officer Sr.Lucy Kamau and TUM Muslim representative Ms. Khawla Khalid

In his presentation, the Head of the Inter-Religious Dialogue Commission in the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa Rev. Fr. Richard Ooko urged the students to shun immoral practices and instead fight against the social vices which are common happenings in campuses.

“…do not be tempted to indulge yourself into demonic acts, always remember that your body is a temple of God ‘Reference 1 Corinthians 6:19-20’ and you have to maintain the dignity.” He said.

In addition, nurturing youth who are wise, intelligent, disciplined and peace-keeping
is a pride of the society. He added.

He continued to say that,

“It is our mandate to remind others to look up to God as the source of all strength, healing and restoration.”

In closing the forum, the Muslim representative at TUM Ms. Khawla Khalid pledged to stand for peace, unity in diversity and requested IRD Commission to facilitate more of such forums which will strengthen and enhance the good relationship between students from different religions.

“It’s a privilege to have such spiritual, an interactive and educative session in our institution, I believe every student will embrace what we’ve learnt. Indeed the IRD Commissio has contributed to a greater sense of unity
and understanding among ourselves we really appreciate.” She said.

In attendance was the IRD Commission Executive Secretary – Samuel Minyaho, Civil Peace Advisor – Maya and The Project Officer – Sr. Lucy Kamau.

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