Kilifi Clergy urged to revive faith in a peaceful process

By: Fadhili Mwambingu.

Members of Kilifi Church forum during their meeting at the Coast Inter-faith Council of Clerics office in Kilifi.Photo by Jonah Fadhil

On Wednesday , Kilifi Church Forum members held a meeting at the Coast Inter-faith Council of Clerics office in Kilifi County.

The ecumenical forum was meant to provide a safe space for positive and constructive discussion on how Christians from diverse denominations could work together more effectively and in equal partnership; that is, ecumenical efforts among the churches in Kilifi.

It was also meant to discuss the strategies and processes for bringing together different church leaders in Kilifi for strengthening the forum which was established in 2019, and make it more vibrant towards achieving the set obejectives and goals.

It is on this backdrop that the Christian clergy came together to share ideas towards providing sustainable support to the forum so that it can influence the spiritual and social environment of the community so that it reflects the Christian Kingdom values.

However, Unity among the Christian churches has been a challenging thing since the earliest days of Christianity.

Head of Inter-religious Dialogue in the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa. Rev.Fr.Richard Ooko.Photo by Jonah Fadhil

In his presentation, the Head of Inter-religious dialogue Commission in the Archdiocese of Mombasa Rev. Fr. Richard Ooko, urged the members to put aside negative inconstructive views and work together for peace and unity of the body of Christ.

“…we should unite and work together bearing in mind that we all belong to one Father and we should not refer to different faiths as the “other”.” He said.

He further echoed that peace does not demand winners or losers, but rather brothers and sisters who, for all the misunderstandings and hurts of the past, are journeying from conflict to unity.

Chairman of the Ecumenical Forum in Kilifi County Bishop Amos Lewa.Photo by:Jonah Fadhil

On the other hand, the Chairman of the ecumenical forum in Kilifi County, Bishop Amos Lewa appealed to the Christian faithful from different denominations to join hands together and unify their relationship.

“The Church is a source and the light of the World, therefore we should be united and remain focussed on solving the many challenges being experienced in our communities.” he said.

“…when we come together we bring the Church and the community together,” added man of God.

In attendance was Bishop Emmanuel Kashero, Bishop Simon Mwakudza, Bishop Jemba Lewa among other religious leaders.

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