‘Kindness is an act of every faithful person,’ Says Kivuva

By: Fadhili Mwambingu.

From right, Bishop Alphonse Baya, Archbishop Martin Kivuva, Rev. FR. Richard Ooko

The Catholic Archbishop of Mombasa Martin Kivuva along with Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Mombasa Rev. Alphonse Baya, and Mombasa Catholic Head of Inter-religious Dialogue Rev. Fr. Richard Ooko, were among the Coastal faith leaders who led a joint Christian-Muslim visit to Swalihina Mosque on Thursaday, in Kongowea Mombasa.

The visit springs from an excellent recent history of cooperation between Christian and Muslim faithful in the coastal region.

However, this is evident that despite the hardship challenge experienced following the outbreak of Covid-19, they have stood together to strengthen their relationship.

Mombasa religious leaders during the Joint Christian-Muslim visit in Swalihina Mosque Mombasa

Addressing the media in Mombasa, Archbishop Kivuva observed that faith plays an integral role in the personal, communal and national lives by inculcating values and disciplining individuals into the vigilant observance of moral and ethical ideals.

“I am very grateful for this visit that brings together both Muslim and Christian community, it clearly symbolize interreligious harmony, and I believe that it will consolidate dialogue and co-operation between us.” He said.

He further echoed the call to peace and harmony that is the lifeblood of faith itself and the calling of all Faith worldwide.

From Right, Archbishop Martin Kivuva ,Left Bishop Alphonse Baya,

On the other hand, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Mombasa Rev. Alphonse Baya spoke of diversity, intergration love and peace and said that the choice of coming together was symbolic to one family.

“This shows that we can live together in peace and we’re all doing our best to spread an attitude of openness because we believe that God wants us to live in peace, and If there’s anything we can do to promote peace, we must do,” added man of God.

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