Rebuilding the lives of street families

By: Fadhili Mwambingu.

Street Children in Mombasa, Photo Courtesy

Thousands of children are today living hopeless lives in streets allover the country.

Most of them have turned into beggars while others are forced to join gang groups for their survival.

In an exclusive interview, the Catholic Archibishop of Mombasa Martin Kivuva, noted that street children are human beings just like the rest of us, and they are entitled to rights and freedoms like the ones we live with at our homes.

“We should live to love these people and bear in mind that we are all human beings” he said
These people have the right to live, right to education, right to good shelter and therefore problems facing them need to be tackled at their core, child labour and child abuse needs to be eradicated and poverty needs to be curved, He added.

Mombasa Catholic Archbishop Martin Kivuva, photo by Francis Mbithi

Furthermore, Kivuva noted that the Catholic Church is playing a big role in helping these street children through day to day assistance.

“The church is at the forefront deliberating on the social issue and therefore wants a debate on how better street family issue can be solved.”

On the other hand we are all encouraged to take the initiative of helping the street children live a better life, as most of them just live for today not knowing how the next day will find them.

He cited the main homes of the street families in the Island including the famous ‘Maboksini’ area near KRA Coast regional offices and Makadara ground spots as those experiencing an increase of the families.

The Archibishop also added that street families especially women are exposed to sexual violence.

“Despite all these problems facing the streets families, they have nowhere to report to or anyone to turn to,” revealed Kivuva.

He called for an amicable solution to such social but insecurity issue is facing Mombasa County.

“Though most of them are from other areas of the country, we need to chat various ways of reuniting them with their families,” he said.

On the other hand one of the resident from Mombasa pleaded to the government to work with other stakeholders to demonise all acts of child abuse.

” We are calling upon the government to urgently deal with this issue of street people, and ensure that they are also enjoying their rights.”

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