The Digital Journey Begins

Promoting peace and fraternity through social media

Starting our 3rd year of activities as Inter-religious Dialogue (IRD) Commission we decided to follow what Pope Francis said after his visit of United Arab Emirates. His Holiness is calling for peace, fraternity, collaboration and religious freedom between different religions to be promoted through Social and digital media.

This is one of the reasons why we have decided to open an IRD website where the Commission can update the faithful of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa about everything that is related to Interreligious Dialogue. Although the main reason is to give IRD Commission publicity and visibility which is very much needed for its work.

In this website we will publish our calendar of events, activities/training carried out, current news of interreligious events and researches related to our Archdiocese but also to the world.

We hope that our work can impact positively those who visit our website to always remember that God is truly with those who seek peace and that peace is possible only if we collaborate as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the same Creator.

Chiara Gallarini

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